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[Sep 25, 2016] Third Minyan Selichos Schedule

From Monday September 26 until Erev Yom Kippur Tuesday October 11, the Third Minyan will say Selichos and Daven Shacharis, downstairs in the small Beis Hamidrash.

Selichos will start at 7:30 am on weekdays and 8:30 am on Sundays and Thanksgiving, Monday October 10.

[Sep 23, 2016] New Gemara Shiur

There has been some interest expressed in establishing a weekly evening Gemara shiur. This could move at faster or slower pace and be more or less in-depth depending on the preferences of potential participants. If you would be interested in such a Shiur please email Adam Friedmann at afriedmann@torontotorah.com.

[Sep 23, 2016] Gemilas Chessed

The Gemilas Chessed campaign is off to a very poor start.
Please give promptly and generously.

[Sep 23, 2016] Shofar Blowing

Anyone needing Shofar blowing for a home bound person, please contact David Spiegel or Irwin Diamond

[Sep 16, 2016] High Holiday Tickets
Tickets for the High Holidays will be available for pick up at the following times:
   -Sunday September 25 7:00-9:00 pm
   -Tuesday September 27 7:00-9:00 pm
If you have yet to pay your membership dues, please bring payment with you.
To make other arrangements, please call the Shul office at 416 633 4193 or email clantonpark@gmail.com
[Sep 16, 2016] Scholar in Residence: Judge Dan Butler

Scholar in Residence

Shabbos B'reishis October 28 & 29

Clanton Park is grateful to Eric Starkman for once again honouring his father's memory by hosting a Shabbaton in the shul on October 28 & 29.

Mr. Morris Starkman was a much beloved member of the shul. Last year we were honoured to host Rabbi Paysach Krohn. This year the renowned Judge Dan Butler will be our speaker.

Among his many accomplishments, Judge Butler served as judge of the municipal court of Pittsburgh. He is past Chairman of the Holocaust Commission of Greater Pittsburgh and is an executive board member of the Orthodox Union. He has spoken in shuls and Jewish institutions across North America. He is a particularly dynamic and inspirational speaker.

There will be a community Friday night oneg. Judge Butler will give the Shabbos morning drasha and will speak at the luncheon, give a pre-mincha shiur and will speak at S'udah Sh'lishis.

This promises to be a most exciting event and we look forward to our members' participation.

Your Cultural and Education Committee

[Sep 16, 2016] Bikur Cholim

Chaim (Chaim Ben Chanah) Tober is at home after surgery and welcomes calls and visits.

23 Yeomans Rd.
(416) 630-0002 (Home)
(647) 716-1836 (Cell)

[Sep 16, 2016] Young Women's Shiur

Rabbi Weber Young Women’s Shiur Restarts Tuesday., September 20 at 8:30 pm

We start off with 2 special shiurim on :

Tuesday September 20

Chumros, Snow Rolling & Self Punishment During the Aseres Yimei
Teshuva for Ashkenazim & Sephardim: Teshuva of the Body & Teshuva of
the Soul

Tuesday September 27

Yaakov, Esav & Azazel: Switching Sisters, Switching Berachos &
Switching Goats: The Complexities of Family Relationships

Please see flyer.

[Sep 9, 2016] CP Youth (Youth News)

Dear Clanton Park Members and Youth,

Welcome to the start of a new year at Clanton Park Shul. We hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable summer.

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we have big plans for this upcoming year's youth programs. Rest assured it will be better than ever. 

Please make sure to look out for the new youth bulletin board located in the Shul's lobby immediately as you enter the front entrance. There you will find updates, Parasha riddles that can earn you lots of exciting prizes, and other unbelievable information.

In order to make sure you receive updates, invitations, and information for all youth programs please send us any mailing, email, and phone information to youth@clantonpark.com so that we can add you to our database.

 Youth Shabbos Programs

Youth Shabbos programs with Jewnior Games will be re-starting this week after the summer break.

Program begin at 9:30 am

Children ages 3 – 6     Nursery room (first class room)
Boys 7 – 10                 Old library (second class room)
Girls 7 – 10                 Last class room

Please take a look at the flyer for exciting details.

We look forward to this year and hope you will come out and support our future, our youth.

Have a wonderful Shabbos

The Youth Committee


[Sep 9, 2016] Tz'dakah Tatzil Mimaves

The Yamim Noraim G'milas Chesed campaign is underway.
Please give generously.

[Aug 4, 2016] TCN: 2016-2017 Schedule

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