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[Jun 9, 2015] TCN 2014-2015 Schedule

Here is the TCN Schedule for 2014-2015, available in 3 formats:
Rabbi Reisman poster, Rabbi Frand poster

[Nov 21, 2014] The Rav's Monday Night Shiur

Mr. Warren Kimmel, CEO of Fabricland serving as mentor at RabbiWeber's Monday night boys shiur.

Please see e1, e2, e4

[Nov 21, 2014] Yachad Yasher Koach

On behalf of Toronto Yachad, we'd like to thank your members for opening up their homes and hosting our Yachad members and making them feel so comfortable.

With much appreciation and Hakaras Hatov,

Toronto Yachad

Devorah Marmer, Sarah Cole and Racheli Samuel 

[Nov 20, 2014] Shabbos of Solidarity

This week's terrorist attack on a Jerusalem synagogue struck at the core of Jewish community and identity.  Now is the time to reaffirm the sanctity of our synagogues and stand shoulder to shoulder with Israelis.

Attend a synagogue in your community as congregations across Canada unite to honour and pray for the victims.

For more details please see:

Names of the wounded:
Aryeh ben Bracha – אריה בן ברכה
Chaim Yechiel ben Malka – חיים יחיאל בן מלכה
Eitan ben Sara – איתן בן שרה
Shmuel Yerucham ben Baila – שמואל ירוחם בן ביילה
Avrohom Shmuel ben Shayna – אברהם שמואל בן שיינה

Please see poster.

[Nov 20, 2014] Reminder to Honour Building Campaign Pledges

Message from Building Committee: Reminder to get in your building campaign pledges

 We thank all our building campaign donors for their generosity in helping make this project become a reality. It is thanks to the vision of our donors, who realize that this renovation is well worth the significant capital investment, that we are able to make this project happen. Now that construction is well under way, we kindly ask that you please fulfill your outstanding pledges. It is critically important that we get all outstanding pledges in as soon as possible so that the synagogue can properly manage the financial obligations from this large scale project. If you have any questions with respect to the renovations, please feel free to reach out to any member of the Building Committee or by sending an email to cpshulreno@gmail.com.


[Nov 20, 2014] Night of Inspiration

In light of the situation in ארץ ישראל
Night of Inspiration through תהילים and תפילה

Tuesday November 25
8:30 pm
Clanton Park Synagogue
קהל מחזיקי הדת
11 Lowesmoor Ave.

מעריב promptly at 8:30 pm followed
by Inspiration and תהילים
with program concluding at 9:00 pm

Please see flyer.

[Nov 20, 2014] Hatzalas N'fashos

Are you Blood Type A or O?

A 4 year-old boy in our community is in desperate need of a small piece of liver from an adult donor, for transplant.

Donor must be able to take off work for at least 2 weeks.  The donor's liver will regenerate itself within 6 weeks.

Whoever saves one Jewish soul is as if he has saved the entire universe

To volunteer or for further information, please contact ECHO at (416) 256-0081 or email.

Please see flyer.

[Nov 19, 2014] Silberstein Grandson (Mazel Tov)

Mazel tov to Bobby and Sharon Silberstein on the birth of a grandson, a son to Naftali and Shira Silberstein.
Mazel tov to Shira's parents, Zvee and Ruthi Nussbaum of Monsey, and to the great-granddparents, Aaron and Esther Nussbaum, Lili Silberstein, Mrs. Nussbaum of New York and Mrs.Friedman of New York.
Mazel tov to the aunts and uncles and the entire extended family.

May the family see the baby grow l'Torah l'Chuppah Ul'Maasim Tovim and may he be a source of Yiddishe Nachas to the entire family and all of K'lal Yisrael.

[Nov 14, 2014] Lander College for Men

Lander College for Men • Beis Medrash L'Talmud
cordially Invites you to
A Toronto Community Shabbos
Shabbos Toldos November 21-23

Scholar-in-Residence at Clanton Park Synagogue
Rabbi Dr. Moshe Sokol, Dean

Finding Self and Other: Reflections
on Self-Discovery and Marriage

Shabbos Day Drasha
Shiur Before Mincha
Seuda Shlishis


Sunday November 23
The entire Toronto Community is invited to a shiur given by
Rabbi Yonason Sacks, Rosh HaYeshiva
at 9:30 am
585 Glengrove Ave
Shomrai Shabbos Chevrah Mishnayos Congregation

Please see flyer.

[Nov 13, 2014] Chanukah Trip: Skyzone

Clanton Park youth will be going to SKYZONE for their annual Chanukah trip.

A flyer will be coming out shortly, but here are the particulars: 
Sunday December 21 11:00 am to Noon 
Jumping will be one hour so everyone is asked to be there at 10:45 am

Prices; (socks included)
$14.00 members
$16.00 non members

*Must RSVP by December 11*
*all parents must fill out waivers online*

ALL are invited - kids, teenagers, and of course adults.

Credit Card Authorization Forms:
Membership | Tzedakah Fund

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