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Welcome to Clanton Park Shul - Kehal Machzikai Hadas

Here you will find news about upcoming events, full z'man information, access to your account, along with the ability to pay obligations online, and helpful links to learning opportunities.

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Important Announcement from Clanton Park Synagogue

The Executive of Clanton Park Synagogue is very excited to announce the selection of Rabbi Zev and Rebbetzin Leora Spitz as our new Rabbi and Rebbetzin.

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Spitz bring a youthful enthusiasm and extensive experience to our shul.  They most recently served as Associate Rabbi and Rebbetzin at Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto (“The BAYT"), and previously at Young Israel of Holliswood, New York.

With their warm and engaging personalities, along with their leadership abilities, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Spitz bring dedication to learning, programming, counselling and community outreach to Clanton Park.

We look forward to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Spitz leading and guiding us towards a wonderful future together.

We cannot wait to welcome Rabbi and Rebbetzin Spitz, along with their children, Esther, Yosef, Sarah and Goldie to Clanton Park Synagogue in early September!

Challa & Greet with Rabbi & Rebbetzin Spitz


We are looking for  $18 "Shana Tova" sponsorships.

All sponsors will be listed on a letter wishing the entire Shul a  Shana Tova


To be included please CLICK HERE and add your name to the sheet


Thank you & Shana Tova!

New Toivelling Service

In view of the fact that Covid-19 prevents us from easily accessing the keilim mikveh, the Shul offers a new service to its membership for toivelling keilim.

Two young men from the shul, Yoram Zeifman and Yoni Levi have offered to run this service free of charge (though donations to the Shul would be welcome). To book an appointment please email Yoram at to set up a time. Relevant items will be picked up from your home, taken to the Shul for tevilah, and returned to you (all with proper social distancing protocols).

We would like to thank Josh Vinegar for proposing this initiative


PLEASE NOTE: The Men's mikveh is closed unti further notice

Back To Shul Update - 07/02/2020

It has been wonderful to be back in the Shul for Davening but there are a few things we must note so that we can continue going forward building on what has been accomplished:

  • We need to bolster our support for the Shul Minyanim. We know people have other options but it is important to be M'chazeik the Shul Minyanim. The Rav is advising that when it comes to the outdoor Minyanim, they are okay for anyone with a health concern or even one who is feeling uncomfortable about Davening indoors. Otherwise, men should ideally be back Davening in Shul.

  • If you are planning on attending a Minyan, it is imperative that you pre-register 1) So we can track who has been at the Minyan to enable the Shul to enable proper contact tracing  2) So that we can ensure we have enough people committed for each T'fillah.

  • There will be no exceptions going forward. If you come to a T'fillah you must add your name to the registration document below.

  • COVID-19 is not over and the rules need to be adhered to. While we enjoy being back inside the building Davening together, we must remain vigilant – When inside the Shul, a mask covering one’s mouth and nose is required. If one does not have a mask, the Shul has them available.

Please use the following link to sign up for any future Minyanim: Clanton Park Davening Sign Up Sheet

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to when we can all be back in shul under regular conditions.

Fri, September 18 2020 29 Elul 5780