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Clanton Park Synagogue - Volunteer Committee Details

Specific Direction Enables the Good Helpful People Around Us To Most Effectively Help!

Committee Name




Security Committee

To review and implements security policies and procedures, and community best practices. Ensuring the shul keeps up with the changing needs of the community.

  Annually review existing policies and best practices.

  Recommend policy updates/changes to the Board as needed.

  Implement training for lockdowns & evacuation procedures.

  Liaise with Shul committees and security consultants to ensure security objectives are met with building infrastructure.

  Review shul security assets and ensure maintenance and replacement.

  Liaise with UJA Federation Security Team.

  Organize volunteer force for high-holiday shomer duty.

  Liaise with Hatzoloh & ensure appropriate levels of community members are Hatzoloh volunteers.

(1 Hatzoloh member for every 50 member families?)

        Yonah Rothenstein - Chair

        Yehuda Gelberger

        Immanuel Greenberg











Minimum 3 Members

Library Committee

To manage and maintain the shul siddurim, seforim, and book inventory. Ensures appropriate policies & procedures are established.

  Develop inventory policies for the library.

  Maintain Inventory Count.

  Determine items for repairs, removal, and Shaimos.

  Maintains replacement policy of inventory, and planning for new siddurim. Maintaining count and ordering replacements as needed.

  Ensuring the locations of siddurim are maintained.

  Ensuring appropriate holiday machzorim are available for men/women sections in the sanctuary(s).

        Batyah Kadish - Co-Chair

        Paul Socken - Co-Chair

        [Vacant Position]

        [Vacant Position]












Minimum 4 Members

Maintenance Committee

To manage and maintain all aspects of the Shul building and Shul-owned property. Inspecting for deficiencies and organizing the routine cleaning, repairs, and maintenance and replacement of Shul-owned property, chattels and fixtures.

  Inspect the Shul common areas and identify elements that need repairs, maintenance, or replacement.

  Inspect and arrange for maintenance and repair of any other shul-owned property.

  Plan for major capital repairs and replacement of the Shuls infrastructure.

  Contact trades/vendors/contractors as needed.

  Review and maintain annual contracts and licenses. (Snow removal, lawncare, elevator licenses, etc.)

  Maintain a log of all unresolved or outstanding issues.

Manage the Shul cleaning contract and ensuring the shul areas are adequately cleaned on a regular basis.

        Mordy Bobrowsky – Chair

        Manuel Kanner







Minimum 3 Members

Building Committee

Exclusively deals with the ongoing construction and renovations, including handover to Maintenance Committee when construction is concluded.


        Hersch Kanner – Chair

        Bobby Silberstein - Vice Chair

        Rafi Younger - Vice Chair

        Manuel Kanner

        Immanuel Greenberg

        Arthur Hurtzig

        Yonah Rothenstein

        Nadine Bressler

        Arlene Weisbart

        Chani Kaplan

Rabbi Liaison Committee

A safe place committee for the Rabbi to raise concerns, discuss problems and strategize solutions.

  Evaluation of Rabbinic Duties/Services

  Liaise quarterly at a minimum, and as needed upon request by the Rabbi & committee members.

        Bobby Silberstein - Chair

        Mordechai Grunwald - Vice Chair



Minimum 2 Members

Social Committee (Brother/Sisterhood)

Planning and Overseeing Social Events for the Shul.


        Yonit Rothenstein - Chair (Sisterhood)

        Esther R Shields - Vice Chair (Sisterhood)

        [Vacant Position]


        [Vacant Position] - Chair (Brotherhood)

        [Vacant Position] - Vice Chair (Brotherhood)

        [Vacant Position]



Minimum 6 Members

Shulcloud Committee

Assists with tasks related to Shulcloud, including communication to the membership, and maintenance of the Shul website.

  Upon request assist with:

o Newsletters/Bulletins

o Special Announcements

o Membership Letters

o Committee Updates to Membership

  Maintain Shulcloud & evaluate best practices and implement improvements.

        Rabbi Spitz - Chair

        Batyah Kadish

        Arthur Birnbaum

        [Vacant Position]




Minimum 3 Members

Hall & Catering Committee

Oversees food & beverage-related responsibilities, including hall contracts, and necessities.

  Manages relationship with Caterer(s).

  Monitors Social Hall bookings and deals with any conflicts.

  Oversees supply of ongoing food and beverage requirements, including paper goods, tea and coffee etc.

        Yonah Rothenstein - Chair

        Arthur Herzig

        Chani Kaplan

        Sharon Silberstein

        Arlene Weisbart


Minimum 3 Members

Membership & Welcoming Committee

Identifies newcomers to the community and ensures membership enrollment.

  Warmly welcome new faces to the community.

  Ensures every person who moves into the area is greeted and sent a welcome basket/Candy Platter.

  Initiates Meal Trains for Baby & Shiva events when necessary.

  Assist upon request with Member Conflicts, Dues, or other delicate affairs.

        Norm Weisbart – Chair

        Rebbetzin Spitz

        Osnat Nemetz

        Immanuel Greenberg

        Rafi Younger

        Jen Gelberger


Minimum 4 Members

Fundraising Committee

Oversees the fundraising needs of the community.


        Eli Edell - Chair

        [Vacant Position] - Vice Chair

        [Vacant Position]

        [Vacant Position]

        [Vacant Position]


Minimum 5 Members

Youth Committees

Oversees the various family events and programming for children of all ages.

  Coordinates with the Rav & Rebbitzon various activities as directed.

  Manages weekly Shabbos programs and periodic youth activities during the year

  Manages Youth Coordinator or other Youth Leaders as necessary.

  Plan events throughout the year for the youth i.e - Welcome back youth Shalosh Seudot, Rosh Hashana Apple Picking, etc.

  Oversees Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs.

  Coordinating Gabbaim the “Beyond Bar Mitzvah” older boys' involvement in davening/leining for the Shul.

  Coordinates various chesed volunteer opportunities for adolescents.

        Ahuva Edell - Chair

        Isaac Kaplan

        Jonas Rothenstein

        Chani Kaplan













Minimum 3 Members

Adult Education Committee

In conjunction with the Rabbi Identifies and Plans Extracurricular Adult Education Programs.

  Includes identifying and booking appropriate scholars in residence and other speakers

  Includes sourcing sponsorships to defray costs

        Rabbi Spitz - Chair

        [Vacant Position]

        [Vacant Position]



Past Members:

       Avi Vaturi

       Brian Lipson

       Prof. Paul Socken



Minimum 3 Members



Senior Women's Committee

To engage the wonderful senior women (80+) in our community with programs that would be suitable and entertaining. The goal is to stimulate and involve the women in efforts to keep them social and to eliminate the isolated feelings that prevailed during Covid.

  Create programming for senior women over 80+ years.

  Provide the necessary transportation when needed (via volunteers).

        Arlene Weisbart - Co-Chair

        Frances Grunwald - Co-Chair

        Rebbitzen Spitz




Minimum 2 Members

Bikur Cholim Committee

To maintain a proper pipeline informing the Shul of who is in need of Bikur Cholim services.

  Responsible for ensuring the needs of families and individuals are covered by the Shul.

  Establishing a roster of rotating visits by volunteers.


        Josh Levy - Chair

        Irwin Diamond

        [Vacant Position]



Minimum 3 Members


Finance Committee


  Responsible for developing annual budgets, financial presentations and analysis for the board.

  Work closely with the fundraising committee to ensure appropriate fundraising goals are targeted and set to meet the various community needs.

  Liaise with the other committees to ensure their needs are given adequate consideration to meet the goals and objectives of the shul's mission and vision.

        Eddie Tobis - Chair










Minimum 2 Members



Committee Chair: A committee chair is a leadership position. Committee chairs are responsible for facilitating committee meetings and reporting the committee's activities & findings to the board. The board provides the committee with a charter and specific duties, and the committee chair must keep the organization's purpose, mission and strategic direction in mind as the committee pursues its course. A committee chair must carefully plan an agenda and send it out to the committee members in sufficient time for committee members to attend meetings and to participate thoughtfully. Careful preparation on the committee chair's part will streamline the committee's work as they conduct investigations and perform research on the issues they need to tackle. The chairs should liaise regularly with the vice-chair and ensure he or she knows enough about the current issues within the organization to be able to stand in at short notice.

Vice Chair: The Vice-Chairs of committees serve as replacements, presiding over meetings when the Chair is unable to attend or needs to delegate. All of the Chair’s powers can be delegated to the Vice-Chair. The Vice-Chair should liaise regularly with the Chair and ensure he or she knows enough about the current issues within the organization to be able to stand in at short notice. They are a designated successor to the Chair and the Chair’s back-up.

Co-Chair: Co-Chairs are usually sought when a male and female co-chair team is necessary. Co-Chairs coordinate with fellow Chairs and Co-Chairs to attend each meeting. They all work together to decide who takes what responsibility for each event, issue, or task. This helps conserve each person’s time without spreading anyone too thin. Co-Chairs co-establish action plans and coordinate delegation and task management.

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