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The Mikvah

Clanton Park Synagogue has two mikvah's on location, a Men's Mikvah and a Keilim Mikvah. 

PLEASE NOTE: the men's mikveh is closed until furhter notice due to covid-19. 



In view of the fact that Covid-19 prevents us from easily accessing the keilim mikveh, the Shul offers a new service to its membership for toivelling keilim.

Yoni Levi have offered to run this service free of charge (though donations to the Shul would be welcome). To book an appointment please email Yoni at to set up a time. Relevant items will be picked up from your home, taken to the Shul for tevilah, and returned to you (all with proper social distancing protocols).

We would like to thank Josh Vinegar for proposing this initiative


The nearest mikvah for women is the Mikvah Tahara of Toronto located at:

694 Sheppard Avenue West
(Sheppard And Allen)
Downsview, ON M3H 2S6

Phone: 416-633-4729

Mon, January 17 2022 15 Shevat 5782