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Clanton Park Synagogue Mission, Vision and Values



Since its founding in 1954, Khal Machzikai Hadas, Clanton Park Synagogue, has been a pillar of Jewish life in Toronto, Ontario. It is a vibrant, welcoming, inclusive and growing Orthodox congregation. We aim to inspire and engage our members and the broader Jewish community through Torah study, prayer, chessed projects and social programming.




Our vision is to grow our membership and to serve as a nexus for the community’s spiritual, educational, charitable and social lives. This vision will be achieved by:

  • Devising and implementing dynamic learning and social programs that will engage all ages and sectors of the community throughout the year.
  • Establishing an innovative youth program that will inspire our children and perpetuate our values.
  • Implementing chessed projects that will have an impact on the Jewish community.
  • Forming partnerships with other Jewish organizations to reach broadly across the community.
  • Ensuring our financial security and sustainability based on prudent stewardship of resources and active fundraising.
  • Promoting enthusiastic and well-organized voluntarism.


  • Welcoming and inclusive to the broadest cross-section of the Orthodox community.
  • Unwavering devotion to the Torah’s values and way of life.
  • Commitment to Jewish education and spirituality.
  • Strong advocacy on behalf of the State of Israel.
  • Proactive and highly dynamic chessed orientation.
  • Focus on strengthening, inspiring and engaging our youth and young families.
  • Growth-oriented on a personal and communal level.
  • Organizationally collaborative.
  • Supportive of local professionals and businesses.
Fri, July 12 2024 6 Tammuz 5784